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  1. Go die of a massive heart attack, fugly fata r s ed yank c v n t. Your useless “race” is the lowest of them all. 9/11 was a fantastic day. I was busy drinking champagne and laughing my a r s e off during that entire day over here in my flat in Brixton. It was so funny to see your ugly c u n trymen jumping to their deaths thousands of metres below, and their bodies exploding in a billion chunks. I wish I could have been there, so I could have taken a nice whiz on those bloody remains.


    This is probably my favourite picture of a useless dead yank, a fate which all yanks, good or bad, thoroughly deserve.

    The planes crashing were also fantastic. Useless fat yanks perishing in the blink of an eye, their bodies being incinerated and turned to charred ash in seconds.

    The towers coming down was the absolute best part of that magnificent day. It was awesome seeing the thousands of worthless fat yank nonces being crushed, torn to pieces, and pulverized by the thousands of tons of concrete.

    It was really funny watching you fat yank prats cry like little babies, knowing that your family members met a gruesome demise, and you’d never get to ever see them again.

    Hitler was a truly awesome, inspirational man. Pity you and your entire family, and all you other stupid yank twats couldn’t have been gassed or cremated, just like the good-for-nothing kykes.

    Tim McVeigh was also a great man, and hopefully more such individuals will level your useless buildings, slaughtering countless yank w a n k e rs in the process.

    And it was fantastic hearing your useless p u s s y soldiers being slaughtered in Iraq. It was a real shame you lot pulled out, since it would be great seeing more of your scummy race being used as cannon fodder and being pulverized in a meat grinder.

    I’d love to meet you in real life, so I can plunge a nice knife into your fat yank belly, and then tear it wide open, letting your entrails fall out, and let you meet a painful and excruciating demise.