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Are you in town for E3? Here is were to eat.

The Original Pantry Cafe is an old greasy spoon diner close to the convention center. Great for breakfast. It’s owned by one of our previous mayors. (Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) Philippe the Original is the inventor of the French Dip. Coffee is $0.45, very old school menu. A must for all visitors to LA. (Breakfast, […]

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Bar – Krakatoa Punch

When I heard Disneyland added a Tiki themed bar to the Disney hotel in Anaheim California I just had to go and check it out. This is the souvenir cup and light cube that comes with the Krakatoa Punch cocktail. The cup itself is very high quality, and made by Tiki Farm. The light cube […]

Chowhound’s dumb moderation tactics

Chowhound has a long internet history as being a great place for people who love food to gather.  And as a longtime user (over ten years now) I’ve contributed many posts as well as helped spread the word about this site.   One down side to Chow, however, has always been the overly militant and inconsistent […]